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Issue II


Michael Bizon
Sinead Bligh

Chris Cawkwell
Patrick Coyle
Dana Berman Duff
Annabel Frearson
Steve Klee
Anne Guro Larsmon

Kim Shoen
Umar Rashid

Cindy Rehm


Krisofer Heng

Rebecca Beachy

Meagan Gordon

Arden Surdam

Páll Haukur

Eric Kim

Anthony Bodlovic

David Bell

Lisa Jugert
Amanda Katz

Ann Harezlak
Kirsten Cooke

Kofi Forson
Lorraine Heitzman

Victoria Bradbury

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ARMSEYE is a grass roots artist-run publication based in Los Angeles, CA.


We are focused on engaging with local and international artists and culture makers to bring to the public educational, provocative discussions covering the work of emerging and mid-career artists.


As an on-going and evolving platform for dialogue among artists, emerging arts journalists, and critics, ARMSEYE Magazine connects readers and contributors with a global arts community.  We seek to shift cultural focus toward artists, their work, and their ideas through curated editions, written commentary, and participation in community events.


ARMSEYE, the project’s name, is wordplay on the folk spelling armseye and the more familiar armscye, a word commonly used in dressmaking and pattern drafting to refer to the gap in a garment through which the arm passes. Similarly, our project seeks to bridge the gaps between the hand and the eye, dressing and undressing, labor and luxury, body and the mind, perception and action, and abstract pattern and subjective form. The connections among the hand and the eye; 2D pattern and 3D form; and the abstract, mathematical, geometric, female, and body are all folded into this word rather beautifully.


This project originated from the desire to create an archive and platform for conversations with friends and colleagues about their art and the process of building creative lives.


We hope that you will return, collaborate, join the conversation, and continue to read our future issues to learn about the work of featured artists and the communities they inhabit.